Door gift

Suitable for wedding, pertunangan, party, birthday, farewell, hari guru, aqiqah, cukur jambul, khatam quran, kenduri kesyukuran, etc
Can customize to put name, pics or anything
● Can ask for your own color
● More variety designs and colors
● Can ask what to put, I can search for you
● Can choose what to give (not necesssarily all in this pics)
● Can buy thing individually
● Price for these is as low as RM1.30 each and as high as RM6.50 each

Drop me a line for quotation
Very affordable price

Note: The set in this pic is RM 15.00 comprise of paper bag with customize pic, kipas tangan, mirror case, egg shape case, brooch & personalise choc bar -again you can choose not to have all-

You can buy thing separately, e.g. chocolate bar only, or mirror case only, or just paper bag (customize or not) only

Personalize chocolate bar

Some designs of chocolate bar cover

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